Your Dress

A bespoke designer bridal gown is the ultimate for a your wedding day. It allows you to have the perfect wedding dress, excactly how you have imagined it since you were a little girl and a perfect fit tailor made to your own mesurements.

At your first consultation you will be able to discuss your ideas and your dream wedding, the style you would like and try on some of our designer wedding dresses. We can look through any images you have collected, our vast range of fabric swatches and sketches which will bring together all the elements of your bespoke designer wedding dress. At this stage we can give you an idea of cost.

We will send you a sketch of your chosen design along with fabric samples to enable you to match other elements of your wedding.

Progress of your bespoke designer wedding dress will take place over the next few months and will begin with a fitting to take your measurements which will then be transfered into your own unique pattern from which a toile (mock up) will be made.

When the toile is finished we will fit this to make sure your wedding dress is going to be a perfect fit, depending on the style another toile fitting may be required.


Once we are happy with the fit and style of the toile your next fitting will be a part made fitting which is where your designer wedding dress really starts to look like your dream dress, minor alterations can be made at this stage.

Finally at your last fitting your bridal gown will be complete with all the detail you requested. If you wish you can take your bridal gown home with you at this stage or leave it with us until nearer to your wedding day to be collected.

We have a vast array of bridal fabrics to choose from whether its lace, satin, silk or tulle you are looking for, we are sure to have just what your bespoke designer wedding dress requires. Detailing can be a simple embroidered motif or a scattering of Swarovski beads and crystals, hand painting, pleating and ruching or sparkling diamantes to complete the design.

With well over 20 years of experience as a designer/maker I have the skill to transform your dreams into reality.